innotorq sensors

measure your pedaling power directly at the wheel
with an unmatched accuracy and reliability


know your power

to maximize your training efficiancy

know your power

to best control pedelec drive trains

know your power 

to achieve best rehab results



check out the advantages 

within power flow


continuous measurement in real time  

 very high sensitivity and accuracy

directly integrated into free wheel hub

plug and play

outstanding value for money 

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MOTORHUB pedelec

rear wheel torque sensor

SENSOHUB free wheel

power measurement hub 

  let us inspire you with our innovative technology

to measure power as accurate as possible, the measurement needs to be done within the power flow but without influencing it. innotorq sensors combine the 2 principles that allow this: the integration into the free wheel hub and the contact less measurement of magnetic fields. this makes the innotorq sensor one of the most accurate in the market. innotorq sensors use the unique and patented magnetoelastic measurement principle from methode electronics inc. it utilizes  fundamental mechanical and magnetic properties of a material to measure the applied torque. these measurements are highly linear, repeatable and accurate even under harsh environmental and extended  operation conditions. for more information please see

  technical data

Torque Range  I  0 to 100 Nm (0 to 200 Nm possible)

Temperature Range  I  - 20 to 100° Celsius

Output Signal at 0 Nm  I  0,5 V

Sensor Signal Slope  I  40 mV/Nm, Tolerance +/- 0,4 mV/Nm

Power Supply Voltage Range  I  6 - 16 V

Nominal Power Consumption  I  < 0,4 W

innotorq and Xplova launch new high end power measurement system at Eurobike

innotorq launches its innovative power measurement hub Sensohub at Eurobike 2016. The system allows bikers to measure individual pedaling power with an unmatched accuracy, allowing for outstanding individual performance control.

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